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Web Cam Help

Having trouble with the web camera?
2016 Update: Microsoft has come out with their new "Edge" browser. It has an icon that appears similar to Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, so many folks don't even realize when they upgrade to Windows 10, that Microsoft has slipped them a new web browser. (The older, Internet Explorer browser is still provided with the Windows 10 operating system, but you may have to look for it, as it will not be the default browser). Microsoft has chosen not to support lots of well-accepted technology in the new Edge browser, in order to "lighten" it up. The Edge browser does not support many web cameras! You'll know this is happening to you if you attempt to operate the camera, and despite your efforts, it steers itself into a corner. Until we come up with a fix for the Edge browser, you'll have to view the camera in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, or the Chrome browser, if you'd like to operate it.

It could be a security setting in your web browser. The web cam presentation uses "cookies". A default setting in Microsoft's Internet Explorer may block these cookies. When you first arrive at the web cam page, try not to run your mouse over the top of any of the camera controls, and just scroll down if you need to, to see if there is an error message written to the right of the "i" (information) in the little blue circle. If it reads, "cookie not available or blocked by your web browser", here is how you can get past that. In your Internet Explorer settings, go to "Tools", and then select "Internet Options". Then select the "Privacy" tab, and click on the "Advanced" button.  Put a check mark in the box next to "override automatic cookie handling". Also use two more check marks to "accept first party cookies" and "accept third party cookies".   Most of the time, this solves the problem for Internet Explorer users.

If that doesn't help, sometimes it's easier to just use another web browser. If you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer and it's giving you trouble, try downloading and installing Google Chrome. You'll still be able to use Internet Explorer whenever you want, but you'll have the additional choice of a new browser. You may find that some web sites work better in one browser than another, so it's nice to have a choice sometimes.

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