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Cottages for Sale
Cottages are privately owned. Listings are provided here as a courtesy. Please direct inquiries directly to cottage owners. Prices are included only by owner request.
East Side
8E6 Jane Lewis (401) 263-8956
14E15 Richard & Patricia Neville (860) 830-7243
West Side
2W4 Eileen Annis
Matt Farr
(860) 550-2646
(860) 324-2314
2W6 Sylvia Vignali (203) 387-5060
5W11 Kate Potter
(401) 374-0958
6W8 Shirley Griffin
Randall Realtors
(203) 613-9557
7W11 Robert Luther (401) 213-6453
8W11 Jerry McCaughey (508) 813-2211

Beach Grass