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Rules and Regulations
It is the cottage owner's responsibility to make sure their children and guests are aware of, and abide by, the Rules and Regulations of Roy Carpenter's Beach.

1. Roy Carpenter's Beach is an owner occupied community and cottages shall NOT be sublet. Occupancy of the cottages on the leased sites is seasonal and the dwellings shall only be occupied from May 1 to Oct 15. Facilities (bathrooms, rubbish, etc.) on the premises will be available only during this period, although some bathroom facilities may not be available after Labor Day. No "off season" parties are permitted on beach property. Residents must secure or put away any and all outdoor belongings (bikes, grills, etc.) at the end of each season. Overnight guests of two or more nights must register with Landlord at office if Tenant will not be present.

2. Please respect the private properties to the east and west of us. No trespassing above the mean high water mark!

3. Rent must be paid IN FULL, (all) cottage owner(s) must sign lease, and proof of insurance (declaration page) must be provided by June 1st. Stickers will be issued when payment is received, lease is signed, proof of insurance is shown, and vehicle registration numbers are provided. When making payments through the mail, only the 2 stickers included with rent will be issued, any additional stickers may be purchased in person. Guest passes can be picked up or purchased at the RCB office after May 1 during business hours. A late fee will be charged for rents that are paid after June 1st. There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks.

4. Borrowing or lending stickers is NOT permitted. Any sticker not adhered to the drive's side of the windshield in the manner intended (e.g. laminated and/or taped to the windshield) will be confiscated. The confiscated sticker may be replaced at the vehicle owner's expense. If the resident lives in a state prohibiting the display of the sticker in that manner, they are to provide proof of this.

5. Residents and their guests are to utilize all open space around their cottage for parking BEFORE using common areas. Beachfront parking is not permitted. Storefront parking is limited to store patrons and disabled persons with current and valid handicapped permits only.

6. Cottage owners will be provided with rubbish removal for the entire season. Therefore, use of the dumpster and beach barrels for household trash is prohibited.

7. Dogs shall be leashed and tagged at all times, with the exception of the fenced in "off-leash area" in the northwest corner of the property. Dogs are not allowed on the beach sand at any time. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Dogs are to be kept reasonably quiet. Your friends are welcome; however their pets must be kept at home.

8. There shall be no deliberate harming or disturbing of wildlife. No trimming or removal of native plants, bushes or trees is allowed without permission of management.

9. The lifeguards are to be obeyed while on duty. Please note that lifeguards are provided for emergency rescue to the best of their ability, please refrain from requesting their attention for inquiries other than relating to safe swimming conditions or to report an emergency. Fishing is prohibited while the lifeguards are on duty. Lifeguards may be relieved/removed during day due to various reasons (i.e. inclement weather). Swimming while the lifeguards are not on duty is done at your own risk!
  • Green Flags - Normal or Calm Swimming Conditions
  • Yellow Flags - Cautious Swimming Conditions: Larger Waves and/or Riptides May Be Present
  • 1/2 Red & 1/2 Yellow - Restricted Swimming Conditions: Please Swim Between Flags
  • Red Flags - Dangerous Swimming Conditions: No Swimming, no lifeguards on duty
  • Absence of Flag(s) - No Lifeguards Present (Absence of Flags Does Not Assure Safe Swimming Conditions)
  • When 1/2 Red & 1/2 Yellow flags are up, swimming outside of flags (from flags to property line) is at own risk. The use of boogie boards, rafts or other similar devices is prohibited in the area between the flags. Rafts, boogie boards, etc. may be used (in a safe manner) outside the flags to the property line.
Please direct any questions on these issues to management and not the lifeguards.

10. The speed limit on the property is 10 mph. No mini-bikes or unregistered vehicles of any kind are allowed. Only persons with a valid driver's license are allowed to drive on the premises. Management reserves the right to confiscate the sticker of any vehicle whose operator they deem is driving recklessly, and guests of cottage owners who do not obey the speed limit may be asked to leave the premises and have their guest passes confiscated. Tenants and their guests are advised that driving around speed bumps placed on the roadways is considered to be driving recklessly and may be dealt with accordingly.

11. Tenants are not allowed to place their own speed bumps or safety cones on the roadways.

12. No electric powered scooters or hover boards are allowed. Human powered recreational vehicles are allowed, as are electric powered vehicles to assist the handicapped and elderly. Please respect the patrons of the store/snack bar and keep human powered vehicles such as bikes and skateboards off of the deck and ramp at all times. Human powered vehicles such as bikes and skateboards may not be used on the sidewalks around the bathrooms. Management reserves the right to confiscate these items if the rules are not followed.

13. Due to the close proximity of the cottages, and for health/safety reasons, NO FIRES, FIRE PITS, OR OPEN FLAMES OF ANY KIND are allowed on the premises, with the exception or grills intended for cooking, using charcoal, electric or gas. Management strongly suggests that every cottage have an up to date and working fire extinguisher and smoke detector. Fireworks that are legal in the state of Rhode Island are permitted ON THE SAND PORTION OF THE BEACH ONLY, by anyone 16 years of age or older. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. Please be respectful and clean up afterwards (especially when using "sparklers.")

14. Association members may request permission from the Association President to utilize the Fire barn for private functions only during the time period between the first and last association meetings.

15. No motor vehicles, boats, and trailers of any kind will be left or stored on the premises during the off-season (Oct 15 to May 1). Management reserves the right to tow said vehicles at the owner's expense.

16. There is to be no sleeping in tents or vehicles without the permission of management.

17. RV's, campers, and pop-up trailers are not permitted overnight.

18. Due to limited parking space, all boats, recreational watercraft, and their trailers are not to be parked in the vicinity of the cottages. Trailers should be registered with Landlord and trailers must have stickers issued by Landlord permanently affixed.

19. For the safety of all residents, all roadways must be kept COMPLETELY CLEAR for access by emergency vehicles and apparatus. Parking in roads is strictly prohibited.

20. FLUSH toilets in cottages are NOT permitted. It is a Federal and State offense. Management reserves the right to limited access to cottages for the purpose of verifying the nature of water use and septic disposal. Furthermore, as of 2009, anyone installing a composting or incinerating toilet system must obtain a permit from RI DEM, and then from the Town of South Kingstown.

21. The cottages and community rest rooms are not supplied with potable water. Cottage owners are responsible for making sure their children and guests are aware of this. Town water is available at the store, fire barn bathroom, and at the bathroom located on the east side of the main road.

22. Only proper RV/Marine winterizers (non-toxic) shall be used when draining pumps and water systems. Radiator antifreeze (i.e. Peak, Prestone, Etc.) will contaminate the water table. Any type of toxic drain cleaner is also prohibited.

23. The fields on the northern part of the property are used for agricultural purposes and are off limits to residents, their families and/or guests.

24. All changes of a cottage owner's contact information must be reported to management and the Town of South Kingstown Tax Collector. Both beach and home addresses are to be given to utility companies, doctors, and hospitals. Management will not be responsible for mail delivered to the beach during the off-season.

25. No changes shall be made to the cottages without permission of management and/or the Town of South Kingstown. This includes all sheds and shower enclosures, along with freedstanding clotheslines, flagpoles, etc.

26. No changes shall be made to the grounds around any cottage without prior permission of management. This includes flowers, shrubs, trees, etc. Fertilization, weed control and other modifications by landscapers or other third parties must receive prior written permission from Landlord.

27. Residents shall report all acts of theft and/or vandalism to management.

28. Management is not responsible for any items left unattended. There is a lost and found box located in the store.

29. RCB is a family oriented community. Please be respectful of your neighbors in regards to noise, especially during the hours of 11:00 PM - 8:00 AM.

30. The use of any unmanned airborne device that is operated without an individual in or on the device or an unmanned aerial system (drone(s) is prohibited anywhere on the RCB premises, including the beach, at any time, for any purpose.

Fines for Rules Violations
Rule 1. Subletting Cottage - Non-Renewal of Lease and/or minimum $1,000.00 fine
Occupying Cottage in Off Season - $500.00 per night/occurrence.
Off Season Parties - $500.00 per occurrence
Failure of overnight guest to register for overnight stay - $500 per night, per unregistered guest.

Rule 4. Use by third parties of stickers issued to Tenant will result in a fine of $50.00 per occurrence payable by Tenant, unless specifically issued by Landlord to holder as a loose sticker.

Rule 5. Beach/Storefront Parking - $25.00 per occurrence

Rule 7. Untagged/Unleashed Dogs - $50.00 per occurrence
Dogs on the Beach Sand - $25.00 per occurrence
Failure to Clean Up After Dog - $25.00 per occurrence

Rule 8. Harming/Disturbing Wildlife - $100.00 per occurrence

Rule 10. Speeding/Reckless Driving - Confiscation of Sticker
Minibikes/Unregistered Vehicles - $50.00 per occurrence

Rule 11. Self installed speed bump - $250 per occurrence.

Rule 13. Fires, etc. - $1,000.00 per Occurrence and/or non-renewal of Lease

Rule 15. Vehicles, etc. on Property During Off Season - $25.00 per Day

Rule 18. Recreational Watercraft in Cottage Area - $10.00 per Day
Failure to obtain sticker - $25.00 per Day

Rule 19. Obstructing Roads - $50.00 per occurrence

Rule 20. Flush Toilets in Cottages - Non-Renewal of Lease

Rule 23. Trespassing in Agricultural Fields - $50.00 per occurrence

Rule 25. Changes to Cottages, etc. Without Permission - $100.00 per occurrence

Rule 29. Noise Violation - $50.00 per occurrence

Rule 30. Drone usage - $250 per occurrence

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